The pressing question is: How could one spend six hours in the back of a store mixing “ingredients” before employees thought to investigate her odd behavior?

Oh, wait — we’re talking about a Walmart. Never mind.

According to authorities, Halfmoon couldn’t afford to purchase
the necessary chemicals, so she improvised. With a previous drug record
— surprise! — it could have been tricky for her to secure the
ingredients on her own.

speaking with some of the firefighters on the scene, she made
statements that that’s what she was doing … she was attempting to obtain
these chemicals and was in the process of trying to manufacture
methamphetamine,” police officer David Shelby said.

Halfmoon was arrested and later officially charged with endeavoring to manufacture controlled substances and released on bond.

centers everywhere, guard your loins. Or, just check the security
cameras for slightly crazed, wannabe chemists putting the whole store in

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