According to KFOR-TV 4, 20-year-old metro-area resident Angelina K. Barnes was so intent on attending a Lady Gaga concert drenched in blood that she allegedly killed a cat to get the red stuff. Lady Gaga famously performed in the same manner at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards; she had an April 4 concert in Tulsa.

A relative had come home to her Oklahoma City abode to discover duct tape over the light switches, perhaps to keep anyone from noticing the animal’s liver placed inside a makeup case in the bathroom. Authorities determined that the feline had been drowned before being cut open. The cat’s eyes even had been “mutilated.”

A Fox News article on the investigation noted, “Police said Barnes was taken to Griffin Memorial Hospital where she was receiving treatment. She did not attend the Lady Gaga concert.” Well, glad that’s cleared up.

Public service announcement, kids: Need fake blood? Try Party Galaxy.

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