Wow. We have to say, we think Eddy Khaodevanpheng might just be our new hero.

A clerk at a downtown Valero called the cops a few Fridays ago to report that ol' Eddy was allegedly causing a disturbance. A disturbance? We wouldn't call a display of killer dance moves a "disturbance." What is this, the town from "Footloose"?

When the fuzz arrived, according to the police report as reported by The Oklahoman, Eddy told them he was simply fighting for his "right to dance." You tell 'em, Eddy!

He must not have been feeling the vibe at the Valero, however, because Eddy allegedly took his dance party outside. According to the police, he "danced across the parking lot to the McDonald's where he stood and watched us while dancing."

What the cops didn't specify was what kind of move Eddy was busting. These are important details the public needs. Was it the Cabbage Patch, how about the Hammer Dance, or maybe just the old Pop-and-Lock standby?

Whatever it was, he danced back over to the waiting cops " he said he was "following the leader" "¦ the "leader" being the dude with a radio, pepper spray and gun " and was promptly arrested. Why? Because, according to the police report, he "didn't listen to the leader." Jokes!

We just hope a stint in jail hasn't ruined his groove.

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