Credit: Brad Gregg

But there are two cheeks to every ass, right? What about Fish’s side of the story?

was being open and honest at the time and I’m being open and honest
now,” he said in response. “At the time, I felt strong about the
decision on a personal level. It wasn’t anything about Dallas or Mark
that I was not happy about.

Just personally, I didn’t enjoy being away from my family at the time.”

Seems reasonable. Now that he’s back on a winning team, Fisher finally can enjoy being away from his family again.

wait. Could you clarify? “Sometimes as a leader, you can’t make
decisions based on what other people are going to think or how they’re
going to feel,” Fisher continued. “You just do what you think is right
at that time and that’s what I’m doing here.”

Whew, now that that’s all cleared up: Welcome aboard! Now let’s get you another ring.

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