Flower Review: Orange Aid
Phillip Danner
Orange Aid

Strain name:  Orange Aid

Grown by: Flaves Cannabis Co. OKC

Acquired from:  OC Goldleaf

Date acquired: Dec. 24 

THC/CBD percentages: 18.89 percent/.05 percent (per Express Toxicology Services) 

Physical traits: light green with some purpling and wiry orange stigmas, frosted with trichomes

Bouquet: sweet and gassy

Review:  Flaves Cannabis Co. OKC is another grower that I had been watching via social media but had not had a chance to try yet. I noticed a burst of several of its strains hitting Oklahoma City metro dispensaries all at once and got my hands on a couple. I tend to chase strains that smell potently of orange and hoped this one be one of them since I recently ran out of both Orange Crush and Orange Velvet. While that turned out not to be so, the buds did smell as good as they looked. After a recent run of extremely gassy and potent indicas, I have grown a bit of a taste for them. While it might not have a strong orange aroma, the taste is sweet and smooth and effects are similar, a strong cerebral high while also maintaining a strong body buzz. The feeling reminded me of Purple Punch, and the other strain of theirs I sampled, Platinum, even more so. Both are good for lazily accomplishing or actively resting, if that makes sense. I’m definitely curious about the other strains from Flaves OKC that I have seen around.

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