Flower Review: Orange Velvet
Phillip Danner
Orange Velvet

Strain name: Orange Velvet

Grown by: Bev’s Buds

Acquired from: Oklahoma Kind Connection

Date acquired: Oct. 10

THC/CBD percentages: no testing available

Physical traits: dark green with dark orange stigmas

Bouquet: sweet citrus

Review: One of my favorite discoveries in the Oklahoma medical cannabis market have been the “orange” strains since the terpene profiles smell so much like their namesake. I went through a heavy Orange Cookies phase last winter but took a break when the temperatures started warming, so it is only suiting to return with the seasonal change. This one smells a little less dank than the Orange Cookies runs I previously had but also is a lot sweeter. The taste remains the same when you burn it; a warm citrus exhale that is not sharp on the lungs but is still heavy on the taste buds. This strain is not particularly potent in the same way that some cannabis patients seek, but for being decently mild, the high is exceedingly pleasant and sticks around. This hybrid is the perfect even-handed high for times when you want to smoke but are not ready to check out for the rest of the day or night. This is the first time I have seen the strain on dispensary shelves here, but I hope it is not the last. It should also be noted that Oklahoma Kind Connection has one of the broadest selections of flower I have seen, with more than 40 strains on shelves when I dropped by. I went in to get Forbidden Fruit but was compelled to try a number of other strains that were equally impressive.

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