Flower Review: Purple Punch
Phillip Danner
Purple Punch

Strain name: Purple Punch

Grown by: Braveheart

Acquired from:  Greenleaf Organics

Date acquired: Nov. 27

THC/CBD percentages: no testing available

Physical traits: dense, purple-and-green nugs sandy with dense trichomes

Bouquet: sweet and peppery

Review: Purple Punch is becoming one of those strains that almost everyone is trying their hand at growing and whose quality is apparent simply by a particular sight and smell. The bad ones are still pleasant, and the good ones are among the best smoke around. This cultivar is definitely the latter. For me, the hallmark of a great Purple Punch is feeling very high while having almost no decrease in ability to perform necessary functions. This one definitely meets that criteria. The smoke is sweeter than the aroma of the dried flower and is easy on the lungs as well, which makes it easy to keep hitting. Fortunately, overdoing it here does not bring any regret, as the effects, while intense, do not becoming overpowering, which makes it an excellent choice for destressing without much of a loss in productivity. I put this one neck and neck with Elite Leaf’s Purple Punch as being the best I have had in the Oklahoma medical cannabis market to date.

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