Flower Review: Slurri Punch
Phillip Danner
Slurri Punch

Strain name: Slurri Punch

Grown by: Pure Exotics 

Acquired from: Gaia’s Favor

Date acquired: Feb. 6

THC/CBD percentages: 27.6 percent/.19 percent (per Highgrade Labs)

Physical traits: light green and purple with small bright orange stigmas and dense trichomes

Bouquet: sweet with a touch of gas

Review: It’s no secret that I have been on a Purple Punch kick this winter, but the Rooted Zen pheno pack last month was my first taste of Slurricane. The next day, Shawn Carson at Gaia’s Favor texted me to let me know he had just gotten his hands on several new strains he was excited about, and this was one of them, a cross between the aforementioned. It definitely looks like a Purple Punch with its sandy sheen of trichomes with equal amounts of green, purple and orange, but the flavor was particularly sweet and only became moreso with each hit. By the latter half of the bowl, each draw remained smooth on the throat and lungs but tasted more and more ... well, purple. (Some of you know know I’m talking about, and the rest will understand once you hit this cultivar.) The high definitely had a Slurricane feel with the easiness that goes with a Purple Punch. This one made me feel good and lifted but also relaxed without being sleepy, another reason Purple Punch and its offshoots are an around-the-clock go-to strain.

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