CFN knows all you football fans are still tingling with excitement over OU's Big 12 Championship, but let's sober up for a second and ponder this problem: How many football stadiums would it take to hold the hungry people of Oklahoma?

According to the Oklahoma Policy Institute, the answer is "¦ well, unacceptable. On OPI's blog, David Blatt notes that some 560,000 Sooner State residents live in households with poor access to adequate food.

"To get a clearer sense of how many people this is, imagine that on a Saturday afternoon this fall, the population in households that experience food insecurity in Oklahoma were all invited down to Norman and Stillwater to attend the football games," wrote Blatt, OPI director. "Give or take a few thousand people, the food insecure could completely fill OU's Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (capacity: 82,122) AND OSU's Boone Pickens Stadium (capacity: 60,218) four times over."

That's food for thought this holiday season.

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