Former child TV star wants to play Oklahoma oil magnate Marland

Forget the starving children in Africa, folks. Rick Schroeder needs your money.


The former child star turned "NYPD Blue" vet wants to direct and star in a motion picture based on the life of Oklahoma oil man E.W. Marland, whose scandalous marriage to his adopted daughter Lydie served as a cover story in the May 2 Oklahoma Gazette.


Ridiculous wealth, uncomfortable sex " it has all the makings of a blockbuster, no? The problem is: Schroeder needs $4 million to pull it off.


Pamphlets promoting the as-yet-unfilmed "Oil Boom: The E.W. Marland Story" tout a plot outline. One full panel is devoted to a bio of "TV icon" Schroeder, who "has made the transition from child star to adult star with grace and style."


Not to mention gumption, given the pamphlet's green insert marked "Donation Pledge." It looks like a check, with a line reading, "Pay to the Order: Marland Estate Foundation " Film Campaign 2008."


If CFN is giving money, we want to make casting suggestions. We think "Punky Brewster" would make an awesome Lydie.

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