Former Miss Oklahoma sues New York City club

Chicken-Fried News is hopping the next flight to New York City, hailing a cab and heading straight for a particular strip joint on the East Coast. Why, you ask? Because there's an ad for this club with a former Miss Oklahoma on it, and well, what right-minded, red-blooded Okie wouldn't want a lap dance from that?

Wait, you mean she doesn't really work there?

According to The Cleveland Leader, 2005 Miss USA semi-finalist Laci Kay Scott has filed suit against Ten's Gentlemens Club (that's how they spell it in the story) for using her image on "free admission" palm cards without her consent to promote "private table dancing" and "personal rooms." The 22-year-old says the appropriation has been "personally distressing and embarrassing." (You're telling us! This plane ticket is nonrefundable!)

Scott's suit is alleging violations of her right to privacy and defamation, according to the report. Since the D-word came up, CFN's legal department would like to state in a clear, unambiguous way that Scott isn't affiliated with Ten's Gentlemens Club. Instead, she specializes in clothing geared for adolescent gals and prom dresses. (She's already worked for Calvin Klein and BCBG, which is all fine and great, but seriously, what are we gonna do with this ticket now?)

Her attorney, Andrew Miltenberg, was quoted by the Leader as saying, "It is absolutely offensive that Ten's would steal the image of a young woman and use it to attract men to the private rooms and what we can only imagine goes on back there."

Gay marriage debates and geography lessons?

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