A few weeks ago, we talked about Sally Kern’s “common sense” proposal to stop being so harsh on kids who wield weapon-shaped objects at classmates. The bill suggested that any child who creates a toy weapon and plays with it like one would play with a gun should not be harassed, punished or condescended to.

Kern’s proposed bill covered everything from breakfast pastries to finger-guns.

Hey, kids like their weapons.

Big deal! Turns out school-age children are into actual weapons, too.

News 9 recently reported a rundown of weapons seized from Oklahoma City Public Schools students, and some of these kids come to school armed to the teeth! The report details the number and type of weapons confiscated broken down by age of child. According to the report, 61 knives were confiscated from children in kindergarten through fifth grade alone.

No word yet on whether the students were harassed or condescended to when the weapons were taken.

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