Most people would be excited to see their picture in the paper, maybe post it on the fridge for everyone to see. Then again, when the name of the publication is OK Jailbirds, maybe not.

That's right, Stephens County is putting out a new magazine that prints the photo of anyone who's been arrested in that Southern Oklahoma county, according to KOCO-TV. Arrested for DUI? In there. Committed a felony? Yes, indeedy! OK Jailbirds even includes the not-so-smiley faces of folks arrested for misdemeanors.

Oddly enough, many arrestees in Stephens County don't seem too pleased at the prospect of their mug shot gracing the pages of OK Jailbirds.

"If they don't want their picture to end up in one of these papers, then stay out of jail," said Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

OK then. That's one way of looking at it. Here's another tip: If you're going to be in a mug shot, at least give the camera some glamour. A twinkle in the eye and some color in the cheeks will take your photo far.

Of course, McKinney told KOCO that giving great face to the camera is not always an option for the people his police force is hauling into the station.

"A lot of the people we do arrest are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or maybe they're just mean people and their mug shot fits them very well," he said.

To peruse the pages of OK Jailbirds, head down to Stephens County, where you'll find it distributed for free in convenience stores.

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