Wait. Yes, we can. A couple of weeks ago, two lovely ladies (and we’re using that term loosely) pulled a pickup truck outside a Del City plumbing business, according to a report from KFOR-TV. One of the lasses pulled down her sizable drawers, plopped onto the curb and let it flow. No. 1, that is. She even leisurely smoked a ciggie as she went. What, she didn’t want to pull out a magazine — y’know, really make herself at home?

Anyway, in security camera footage shown on KFOR, the second lady joins her friend in front of the building and gives a little wave to the security camera. So the duo’s as smart as it is stealthy!

Then, for good measure, they allegedly grabbed a bench from outside the property, stowed it in the bed of the pickup, and drove off. They left cleanup to the owner of the plumbing business, but at least he’s had experience. Just looking for the yellow lining here, folks.

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