Hypothetical situation. Say you own a company. It’s $1 million in debt, so you hire a new person to run it. The person you hire has never had a job, done a payroll, knows nothing about your product or service, knows nothing about your clients, knows nothing about policy mandates. When this person takes over, he is responsible for the company from that day forward. Whatever happened in the past to cause the debt situation is gone. He wanted the job and what comes with it, so now after 3.5 years, your company is $4.8 million in debt.

He should be fired. Do you respect a leader who has caused your company major problems?

Do you respect someone who is a liar, thief and fraud?

Do you respect someone who has stolen $4.8 billion from Medicare, and $2.2 trillion from Social Security?

Do you respect someone who doesn’t believe in the Constitution?

Do you respect someone who spends your money at free will, having no conscience in doing so, it’s not his to give?

Do you respect someone who has flown around the world doing nothing but apologize for the U.S.?

I could go on forever. Your president is the worst person I can think of. Why would you support or respect a fraud, a puppet, an empty suit?

—Dick J. Brooks, Edmond

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