Head still spinning from booze article

After reading Greg Horton's article "Booze budget boost?" (News, March 10, 2010, Gazette), I couldn't stop my head from spinning from the inane logic of certain liquor retailers. They say they are unsure if they will support Sen. Andrew Rice's legislation to allow liquor stores to open on Sundays because 1) they don't believe such a law will increase sales, 2) it might increase overhead and labor costs and 3) they personally enjoy having Sundays off. None of these concerns are valid arguments for restricting consumer choice.

Sen. Rice's legislation does not impose a requirement for liquor stores to open on that day; it merely gives them the option " an option currently foreclosed by our state's alcohol laws. Thus, if certain liquor store owners like having Sundays off or they're concerned about increased labor costs, there is a very easy solution at their disposal: Simply stay closed.
It is probable they will lose business to more enterprising owners who decide to put in the extra work to attract customers, but that's a consequence of participating in a free market.

Rice and Oklahomans for Alcohol Law Reform want business owners and consumers to have more choice in their purchasing decisions. Imposing laws that restrict consumer access to legal products for the benefit of politically favored groups is bad policy, and it is detrimental to the principles of our free market.

"Joe Fairbanks

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