Brad Gregg

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is scheduled to visit Oklahoma City
Saturday at the 2012 Oklahoma Heart Failure Symposium, at the Cox
Convention Center.

Cheney is scheduled to share how his life has been affected by his heart failure, from diagnosis to the implantation of his Heartmate II ventricular assist device in 2010 and his heart transplant in April.

While there’s probably a
lot of jokes that can be said regarding him marching out to the podium
to the “Imperial March” tune, or how it’s possible that he has become
more machine than man at this point, we here at Chicken-Fried News are
sort of afraid of bringing his wrath upon us.

we’ll just say, “Welcome to Oklahoma City, Mr. Vice President, a city
on the move! Please don’t devour us like Saturn consuming his children,
sir. Oh, and check out the Crystal Bridge if you get a chance.”

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