Highway patrol evacuates Oklahoma State Captiol building

Remember all those fire drills and tornado drills we use to have to practice in elementary school with our classmates every few months? What a great excuse that was to get out of history class for a few minutes.

Well, it was like being back in elementary school for several workers at the state Capitol last week when a man allegedly tried to bypass security. Employees of state offices were escorted out of the building while security dealt with 50-year-old John Morgan. One of those employees was the governor himself " that's like walking out of school during the drill with the principal.

According to an Associated Press story, Morgan was arrested after tossing his briefcase onto the X-ray machine. Oklahoma City police were alerted to Morgan after a friend who dropped the man off at the Capitol told authorities his cohort was acting strange. A search of the briefcase turned up nothing suspicious.

Capt. Pete Norwood of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, which oversees the Capitol, told AP the evacuation went smoothly. About 100 people from the first and second floors were led out of the building. Guess the poor souls on the rest of the five-story building just had to fend for themselves.

The governor's spokesman, Paul Sund, said the "executive" security put the governor in a car and drove him out of the area. Rumor is the gov was driven to a nearby Sonic for a cherry slushie, but we have no confirmation of that yet.

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