Gov. Mary Fallin said,
“Today’s decision highlights the importance of electing leaders who will
work to repeal the federal health care law and replace it with
meaningful reform focused on commonsense, market-based changes.”

what exactly is a “market-based” change? It’s as though Mary strung a
bunch of big words together without any intention of explaining what it
meant. Remember when your schoolteachers demanded that you “show your
work?” This feels like one of those “show your work” situations.

Sen. Jim Inhofe said, “Obamacare costs too much in the form of lost rights, lost jobs, higher taxes and increased debt.”

assume the senator is referring to the right of the citizen to walk
into an ER completely broke and let the private hospital eat the cost of
the patient’s treatment. “Lost jobs” must be referring to the thousands
of doctors, nurses and ancillary staffs in hospitals and insurance
companies who will be required after tens of millions become insured.
Higher taxes? Probably, but I wonder if the minimum standard of health
care created by Obamacare is on par with the Cadillac policy Inhofe

If you don’t think Obamacare isn’t good for our
people, perhaps we can get the “Sen. Inhofe special” — I’m guessing
that will be much more expensive. As for the increased debt, his party
has enough power now to enforce the debt ceiling. The fact that they
keep playing a losing game of chicken with the president tells me they
really don’t care about the debt.

Rep. Tom Cole said, “Regardless of its constitutionality, most Americans agree that Obamacare should be repealed.”

seems to be a stretch. Just over 129 million people voted in the 2008
presidential election. Obama had discussed affordable health care prior,
and more than 69 million people still voted for him. Even if some are
put off by this legislation, odds are that the more than 40-plus million
people who will benefit from it are in favor. That would be close to
one-third of everyone who voted.

John Hart, spokesman for U.S. Sen.

Coburn (who was apparently too busy to comment) said, “The court
affirmed Congress’ power to tax people if they don’t eat their

I’m pretty
sure that’s not what the court said, but I’ll be sure to let Mr. Hart
know if I get taxed for not eating broccoli. In the meantime, he might
want to act like he’s gonna get taxed for not eating poultry; he’ll be
eating crow soon enough.

—Brandon Wertz, Oklahoma City

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