You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On the Whole Foods rendering at Classen Curve:
""this looks like the mini mall I used to work at in McAlester."
"Kelly Moore
""I don't think people who drive the white car like the one pictured can afford to shop at Whole Foods." "Mark Potts
""It kinda looks like an early 70's suburban shopping mall anchor store. A little more John A Browns than the leed certified specialty grocery store that it is supposed to be. Oh well, no matter what, can't wait for it to open." "Atlee Hickerson
""I was just in Albuquerque NM (Santa Fe) specifically. I popped in to the Whole foods there (August) picked up several items & trust me, this place was a market & did not look anything like this building. I would only walk into this place if I was stuck up or looking to pay a ticket or something!" "Maria S. Runyon
""I.can't.wait." "Jarrod Heaton
""Next we just need an Ikea. Did you hear me, Aubrey McClendon? WE NEED AN IKEA!" "Andrew Atticus Kierig

On gubernatorial candidate Jari Askins being pegged as a "dangerous liberal" by opponents:
""I certainly damn hope so!!!!!" "Lisle K. Holman
""You cannot put the words 'progressive' and 'conservative' to descibe a person, they are complete opposites. Obama is a progressive, need I say more." "Vicki Howerton Pellegrini
""Jari seems to have a working knowledge of many parts of our state government. It will be a benefit to have a governor who knows whats it's like to be in many people's shoes."
"Stephanie Knapp
""I wish i had seen the debate, I just don't know anything about Ms Askins. I know things about Fallin I wish i didn't. Ugh." "Amy Lynn Hunt
""The only way the middle can ever appear to be left is if it's being seen from the far, far right." "Brian Winkeler
""The only politicians in Oklahoma are those right of center (like Askins and Henry) and right-wing extremists (anyone that has an "R" by their name). To even suggest that someone here is a liberal is ridiculous..." "Randy Peppler

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