You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On state campaign financial reports:
""Ignorance is well represented in the OK congress" "Joshua Barrett

On J. Simms' second anti-gay letter to the editor, posted verbatim at the Gazette's Facebook page:
""This is what my Mom calls 'You can't be right, so be wrong at the top of your lungs.'" "Erika Hall
""This 'god' of his sounds like a dick. My God has love for everyone." "Chad Bennett
""He says not to pick and choose from the bible, while refusing to love thy neighbor. I am pretty sure that's a big tenant in the New Testament. I believe it's even in red." "Mickie Smith
""As a straight man, without a personal interest in promoting the gay life style, your letter has drawn me to be more supportive of gays/lesbians out of revulsion towards the self-righteous venom you spew." "Jay Fulton

On Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ:
""Yeah, the Taliban feels the same way about secular government." "Ray Wyssmann

On whether the locally lensed film "The Killer Inside Me" is too misogynistic:
""Its a Michael Winterbottom film so of course it is" "Joey Stipek

On thousands of documents heading to the Vatican to help the Rev. Stanley Rother become the state's first saint:
""Wouldn't it be something if the evidence of your faithfulness to Christ's teachings required boxes and boxes?" "Lisa Schmidt

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