You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On the rally to support alleged WikiLeaks source, Pfc. Bradley Manning from Crescent:
""I am probably the only person that agrees with this soldier getting punished. If he thinks the military is the bad guy and leaked this stuff to prove that, then he shouldn't have joined the military. I say kick him out, dishonorable discharge."
"Megan Tollison
""completely 'dislike.'""Adam Rött
""and 50 years in military prison!" "Lori Williamson

On the "Taco Tuesday" battle between Iguana Grill and Taco John's:
""there isn't a fight... it's over-zealous fans of a local place freaking out over a tiny thing. Well, that & local media starving for a story." "Kelly Taylor
""I have never ate @ the Iguana someday I will. But taco johns comes from my hometown & they are bomb but IT IS RICDICULOUS 4 THEM 2 BE OVER REACTING OVER A COUPLE WORDS....taco johns needs to cool it" "Christina R. Harris
""Actually the lesson is that OKC can be just as whiny as Seattle is over much less than what Seattle whines about to this day. I'm sorry if none of you grew up with Taco John's like I did, but that has been their marketing staple since I was a little kid. Nobody even calls it Taco John's on Tuesday, you simply go to Taco Tuesday. They trademarked it, it's their right to complain when a violation is brought to their attention, especially when their trademark can be revoked if they don't enforce it."
"Scott Eden
""They're just tacos, for God's sake. Let's argue about something important, like how Chicago-style pizza is the best in the world ... ;-)"
"Hieronymus Murphy

On the appeal to help save John "Count Gregore" Ferguson from losing his house:
""What a shame. I loved Count Gregor when I was a kid. I hope he he is able to keep his home." "Roger M. Coil
""I donated a couple of weeks ago, wish i could put in more."
"Duvall Gilchrist-Montgomery

On Oklahoma Gazette's Best of OKC results:
""Hmmm... Not sure about some of these winners..." "Keli Cain
""Does anyone actually think about what the nominate/vote on? Some of these places shouldn't even make the list." "Terry La France
""I don't think it's rigged; I just think a large percentage of Oklahomans probably don't realize there are other options besides the big-box, cookie-cutter, homogenized & 'safe' mainstream picks. Fortunately, a lot has been done in the past few years, both to create alternatives to these things, and to get the word out to more people that we don't HAVE to stay 'within the lines' on where we choose to eat, drink, play, etc... the Best of OKC results this year really just point to the fact that there is still much more work to be done!" "Melissa J. McDaniel
""I won't cast any doubt on the outcome of the 'Best of' but it is disappointing how much of the readership does NOT know that there is a lot more out there than 'the usual suspects.' What if we took all the energy we are giving our current disappointment and used it to direct people toward the local places that we love."
"Sean Murphy
""There are always some dubious winners, but you have to keep in mind that a lot of people are either really set in their ways or otherwise just not very plugged in to what's happening in the city right now. Incumbents tend to win elections because of name recognition, and that's what happens here too."
"Colin Newman
""I was a graphic designer for the Oklahoman used to type up the Reader's Choice Ballot and put it together for the section coordinator there. I can vouch for how much work goes into a section such as this.""Iris M. Gross

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