You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On Oklahoma City University's announcement of Islam Day scheduled for Thursday:
""I love to see Tolerance....this is HUGE for a state like Oklahoma!" "Jeanie Willis

On the "Let's Talk Transit" public meetings on downtown transportation:
""bike lanes, anyone?" "Bill Ries
""And parking lots for public transportation. I'd have to walk a mile just to get to a bus stop; kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?" "Denise Rusmisel Caskey Johnson
""How about bus service further out NW expressway!!!" "Katrina Mac Dow Wallace

On Count Gregore being named grand marshal for Oklahoma Gazette's Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween Parade on Oct. 23:
""Count Gregore!!! :)"
"Jennifer McCollum
""Yay @ Count Gregore being the grand marshal!!! That's so perfect!" "Lauren Lanning
""We have been the last two years. Its an awesome family event." "Stephanie Lawrence

On Rep. Sally Kern's statement that disagrees "wholeheartedly" with acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle:
""I can't spell the sounds of frustration I'm making right now!" "Kimberly Noe
""She is why out-of-staters think Oklahomans are intolerant." "Cerra Byrd
""I am unsure what lifestyle she is referring to. The one that works, pays taxes, raises children, shops for groceries and clothing, eats at restaurants and goes to movies?" "Riff Randall
""When I moved to the US (OK) I had no idea that this area was branded so intolerant. Sure I heard stories and rumours, but as it turns out, it can be worse than the rumours. If you're white, married and straight you're fine." "Gordon Hudson
""I know alot of straight people that should have this 'special right' revoked because they do it so often.""Alycia Rivard-Massey
""What happened to thou shall not judge?" "Tina Delclef
""She is the representative for my district, but she does NOT represent me or my views." "Michelle Waddell
""She's as close minded as they come, and I would hate for our leaders to be like her." "Lindsay Kierig Goodson
""Civil Rights has nothing to do with endorsing a lifestyle." "Tom Kovach
""As a homosexual millionaire, I find this article very troubling." "Amanda Knowles
""Sally Kern and her ilk CONTINUE to make it embarrassing to be from Oklahoma. We MUST get to the polls and fight this kind of backwards malevolence, or we will be stuck even further behind the rest of the country." "Carrie Strong
""Seems to me this state and country have 1001 problems more important to focus on than gay marriage."
"Sean Goade
""I don't know what's more embarrassing - that she's the Oklahoma version of Sarah Palin, or that the people in her district keep voting people like her in. Ye Gods." "Iris M. Gross

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