It’s the Capitol, not church, Sally

Jack L. Werner, insurance guy, says he would like to see “a reasoned debate about how to live up to our ideals and promises, a debate that doesn’t degenerate into an unproductive, holier-than-thou yelling match.” Too late, and he needs to check on some of the things coming out of the mouths of his fellow Republicans other than Sally Kern.  
Holier-than-Sally and Steve? I grew up in the same religion as Sally and with a lot of the same beliefs and I have known a lot of Baptists just like them. They help the community and they expect the community to help them. They were obviously not succeeding fast enough just preaching the word; she decided that making adherence to her version of the “Word of God,” the law of the land was better. It isn’t a sin to do that, and you need God’s forgiveness, becomes it is a felony with jail-time, restitution and there is no forgiveness.  

Jack says, “When will we realize that others don't have to believe exactly as we do to be valued and respected and to make this world better?” Probably about the same time Sally realizes what she does in the name of God and what she does in the name of the GOP are very different things.

God told her to tell me which books my children could get at the library. To my knowledge, she has not endeavored to take one single anti-gay family book from the library. When my child was young, I was always with her at the library, but apparently Sally and friends just drop theirs off for the staff to police their reading material. Did my child ever pick up a book I considered questionable? Yes, she did, she loved to read and in most cases, we read that book together and I would explain why I didn’t agree with it.
What she calls “The Gay Agenda” is more dangerous than terrorism, but she said that at a church meeting, and what she says there should be off-limits. What you say in church should never leave the vestibule. Gays are taxpayers and you can say what you want at church, but you don’t get to do that at the Capitol.
She believes she should be consulted in the examining rooms of every OB-GYN in the state and, in fact, in the nation.
She believes that in public school science classes, children should be allowed to answer questions with whatever their parents or church has taught them. I was taught creationism and evolution, and had no difficulty passing science. Frankly, I find both trains of thought rather magical. Making people from dirt or a sudden explosion both seem pretty iffy if they result in all of this order in nature. In science class, you are requested to answer with answers from the text. No one requires you to believe it.    
She believes that she not only has free speech rights to preach in her church and community, but she also has the right to force her beliefs on everyone else through legislation.  
More and more ministers and wives are running for office. Obviously they have a lot of extra time on their hands that could be spent helping the poor instead of campaigning for contributions. It should be as plain as the nose on your face that Sally will say anything and everything for votes.
Sally is in campaign mode and it takes precedence over her faith mode in odd-number years. She cannot get votes from her base by saying she thinks poor people or people of color should be treated with respect. She should be allowed to denigrate those she wants to help in the name of the GOP, but not in the name of G-O-D.
The Capitol building does have a big old steeple/minaret type thingy on top, but that doesn’t make it a house of worship.
—Karen Webb

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