Lawmakers condemn evolutionist's Oklahoma visit

After healing all of the woes of the state and with time on their hands, the state House, led by Rep. Todd Thomsen, R-Ada, introduced a resolution condemning leading evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins' March 6 talk at the University of Oklahoma. The reason: Dawkins' views (i.e., believing in evolution) apparently conflict with the views held by a majority of Oklahomans, and the former OU punter accused Dawkins of not tolerating cultural diversity of thinking. How's that for tolerance?

Dawkins, undeterred by the resolution, went ahead with his planned lecture on March 6, but didn't ignore the fact that the Oklahoma House had problems with his visit. According to, he read the resolution at the talk and asked if diversity of thinking included "Intelligent Falling" versus the theory of gravity. He even included a handy formula: "dx/dt = 1 Cor. 1:10."

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