I'm a local Gazette reader, and the May 12, 2010, issue discussed marijuana (Scott Cooper, "Pot of gold"). It's great that they put this in the Gazette.

As an open-minded person, however, I just couldn't stand anything that Darrell Weaver, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs director, had to say.

First, he states that everyone he interviews starts with marijuana. I highly disagree, because chances are they actually started with alcohol or tobacco. People just don't think to say that because those two things are legal but are definitely more harmful.

Second, he said "they keep getting on the road high, they keep stealing, somebody is going to get hurt." It sounds like he's stating people like to get high and steal things? That's ridiculous. He should do the math of the arrests made for theft and the arrests made for possession in the chart on Page 24.

This chart also clearly states that alcohol is way worse than weed. Does he really think he can stop marijuana from growing and people from smoking it? As for people getting high and driving, give a cigarette to a person who doesn't smoke and then see how well they drive after smoking the entire thing. They will probably have to puke first, and be sick all day, but it's legal to smoke and drive.

Third, he uses the old saying "sell your soul to the devil" if Oklahoma did go all the way and profited from marijuana. I think it's safe to say that's a scare tactic, and the devil doesn't exist. Problems do exist, however, and the solution is to legalize it to a certain extent.

"Sam Douglas
Oklahoma City

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