click to enlarge Letter to the editor 7/29/2020
After breaking my leg in high school, I missed several days of classes for doctors’ appointments. Despite having notes from doctors, I was dismissed from school for too many absences. Rather than walk away defeated, I found a school that accommodated my needs.

If it wasn’t for Insight School of Oklahoma, I wouldn’t have been able to finish high school on my terms and help my family. During my senior year, I had to step up and help take care of two toddlers while working towards my graduation.

Not only did attending online school help me balance my schedule, it also helped meet my academic needs. I’m dyslexic and received personalized assistance from teachers who understood my needs. Those teachers who paid attention and helped me had a profound impact on my life.

In particular, Ms. Derson led me to discover my passion. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life until taking her veterinary science class. I never would’ve had the opportunity to take an elective class like that at my former school. I realized this is a career I want to pursue, and after graduating, I received my veterinary assistance certification through Metro Technology Centers.

Online school has provided me with many amazing experiences while meeting my evolving needs. For those who are struggling or are unsure of the year to come, I recommend considering online school. It’s an option that works and can lead you down a path to success.

Alexis Norman
Oklahoma City

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