This article (Food and Drink, “Kiss my political buns,” Dec. 4, Gazette) was one of those times. I don’t think it is a secret that Oklahoma Gazette is a liberalleaning (or perhaps you would prefer the term politically correct) publication, so for this publication to criticize companies for taking a political and personal stance on their beliefs makes me fall on the floor laughing at how ironic that is.

The Gazette promotes liberal views/opinions both as it pertains to politics or human interests, without care or thought of right and wrong. Perhaps this is because the primary interest of the Gazette is to promote readers of their publication. However, for an article to be written about a restaurant that does the same thing as your paper, by that I mean promoting the owners’ opinion, and then to insinuate that it is a bad business decision is just flat hypocritical.

Let’s get the facts straight. Chick-fil-A has never said anything against the homosexual groups; all they said was that they would not support gay marriage. Big deal. They don’t support hamburgers either. I bet the Gazette has never supported a Republican candidate over a Democratic candidate.

As for Little Mike’s Hamburgers, the owner does have strong opinions about how things should be, and while you describe these opinions as “right wing,” it is his right to promote whatever he wants in his establishment.

Here is the deal. The owner of Little Mike’s Hamburgers is making a conscious choice to select patrons for his business that have similar opinions and ethics as he and his family does. It just so happens that these patrons are people who are likely to have jobs and manners so they can both pay their bill and act in a manner befitting his establishment. By the way, they also go there because they make the best hamburgers in town.

As stated in the article, if you are offended, you can eat somewhere else, say less than 100 yards away at Five Guys Burgers and Fries where they will not be subjected to any political views, only to salted peanuts, which I am sure can raise one’s blood pressure as much as any political comment on the wall of any other restaurant.

— Joe Courtney

(Editor’s note: Oklahoma Gazette doesn’t endorse political candidates.)

A flip-side of the coin, er, burger
To author Malena Lott, “Kiss my political buns,” Dec. 4, Gazette: I will make it short and sweet. I think your article was great! Very well written. I loved that you inserted people like me are popping up all over the America. I hope everyone will study the pictures behind me. John Wayne, Thomas Jefferson, Clint Eastwood, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Martin Luther King, Joe Biden, Jay Leno, Walter Williams, Dr. Ben Carson, Michelle, Maxine, Gloria, etc. Not much about the president. I put it all up and am proud to do so. Anyway, thanks for the article. Business is a-boomin’.

— Mike Laham,
owner of Little Mike’s Hamburgers
Oklahoma City

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