Young ones

The reason that there’s such disagreement between Democrats and Republicans is because of soul level. The two ideologies have nothing to do with who is right or wrong, but more to do with facts or fantasy.

There are basically 10 soul levels. Young souls start at the bottom of life’s experience and through reincarnation experience, live, laugh and struggle through life until its demise.

It then goes into the “spirit world,” where, along with its guides, it reviews choices that were made concerning matters and situations deemed important to it.

The spirit world is really home to our souls. The earth is solely for gathering knowledge and experience on this “three-dimensional” plane. Through all of life’s experiences, whether happiness, sadness, trauma, love, hate, wars, famine or death, our souls gain insight and a firsthand understanding, which enables the soul to “progress and to grow.”

It takes many incarnations or lives for a soul to make important choices concerning the direction of a community, city or country. Today, choices such as global warming, fighting ISIS, determining health care for a country and repairing the country’s economy are of such importance that they should be left up to an experienced soul.

A young soul is equivalent to an adolescent. A person can be very intelligent IQ-wise, but dumb as far as worldly and national matters.

Unfortunately for Republicans, it turns out they are the “young ones.” They shouldn’t feel belittled; we all started out that way.

I don’t even think they should be into politics. They cannot understand certain ideals because these higher ideals don’t resonate within them. That is why arguments between the two parties are futile.

Joe Wright Oklahoma City

Biased minister

Very biased article (Opinion, Commentary, “What have we done?” Robin Meyers, Nov. 16, Oklahoma Gazette) to say the least. Full of hate for a minister and leftist professor. He does not mention that under Obama’s administration, military chaplains are not allowed to do their function.  Prayers are not allowed in public schools or at military functions. Chaplains cannot even distribute Bibles. Christians are massacred, and our country draws a line in the sand not to be enforced. ISIS is allowed to develop as an international major crisis of killing innocents. And I guess he thinks Hillary is of a sterling character!

Robert B. Morrow Jr. Frederick, Maryland

Trumpf nation

Donald Trumpf (closer to the version of his real German last name, Drumpf) pulls an election long shot hail mary out of his derriere. And he and his cult then try to convince the nation that their “win” doesn’t smell. Ironically, he and his lemming followers were convinced they were going to lose.

However, the overt bigots, as well as the closet bigots, came through for Trumpf in the Rust Belt big-time. We knew they were going to come out of the woodwork in Okieland and other states in the South. Trumpf is the first major politician since that racist from North Carolina, Republican Jesse Helms, to “win” an election overtly using the bigot card. Republicans have always used it, although generally in a more thinly veiled form. However, Trumpf and his campaign staff and followers, including the KKK, used the bigot card in the open for all to see and changed our politics…

Trumpf made tons more mistakes than Hillary in the campaign, including losing in embarrassing fashion three debates. But that bigot card, and election meddling by the FBI and Putin, were just enough. Oh, he also “won” because his cult followers really don’t care that he, by his own words and actions, is a racist, a fascist, a misogynist and a pathological liar. As he said himself, “I could gun down a stranger in broad daylight in midtown Manhattan and my poll numbers would go up.” Maybe the only truthful statement he made in his campaign. And a sorry indictment on the American people who support Trumpf.

Jay Hanas Edmond


The Jan. 18 story “Rhythmic mission” (Music, Ben Luschen, Oklahoma Gazette) listed an incorrect date for Brianna Gaither’s Vanity listening party and documentary trailer screening. The free show is 7:30 p.m. Jan. 28 at The Venue OKC, 1757 NW 16th St. Visit or

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