Mick Cornett and Steve Hunt, head to head

Mayor Mick Cornett faces challenger Steve Hunt on Tuesday's ballot.


Cornett: 51
Hunt: 39

Marital Status:
Cornett: Married
Hunt: Single

Political Affiliation:
Cornett: Republican
Hunt: Independent


Cornett: Crossings Community Church
Hunt: Chapel Hill United Methodist Church

Public Offices Held:
Cornett: Oklahoma City Council (2001-2004); Oklahoma City Mayor (2004-present)
Hunt: None. I was mayor of "SimCity" once, I think.


Cornett: www.okc.gov/council/mayor/Mayor.html
Hunt: huntformayor.com

Cornett: www.facebook.com/pages/Mick-Cornett/118846680688
Hunt: www.facebook.com/pages/Oklahoma-City-OK/Steve-Hunt-for-Mayor-of-Oklahoma-City/259548135797

Cornett: twitter.com/mickcornett
Hunt: twitter.com/huntformayor

Cornett: Oklahoma City mayor; executive vice president of special projects, Ackerman McQueen
Hunt: Half Price Books

Best thing going for Oklahoma City:

Cornett: Rising income levels. Diverse ideas. Rising awareness of health issues.
Hunt: Right now, it is fairly easy to get things done due to the nature of people here and the cost of living.

Biggest problem facing Oklahoma City:

Cornett: Health care
Hunt: I see the myopic leaders of OKC doing everything they can to try and turn us into something we are not " and at great cost to working people, to our firemen and policemen, and to the spirit of our city and state. If that isn't a big problem, then I do not know what is.

Define the spirit of Oklahoma:

Cornett: A community with the courage to invest in the future and the foresight to plan decades into the future.
Hunt: We've overcome a lot, and I think in a situation now where we can take the lead on many things. Hoodlums on the coast have nearly run our country off a cliff " we need to tell them to step aside and let some decent people run the show.

Who are your personal heroes?
Cornett: Abraham Lincoln, Newt Gingrich
Hunt: Raphael Lemkin, Robert McChesney, Dean Baker, Amy Goodman, Greg LeRoy, Naomi Klein. Anyone who stands up to powerful, greedy individuals.

What book are you currently reading?
Cornett: "Good Guys Wear White Hats: The Life of George Nigh"
Hunt: Michael Lewis' "The Blind Side"

What do you like to do on Saturdays?
Cornett: Work
Hunt: For the past three years I've worked, as I enjoy having a weekday off. Helps me get a lot of stuff done.

Top, Mayor Mick Cornett; Bottom, challenger Steve Hunt. photos/Mark Hancock

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