Minnesota writer takes pot shots at Oklahoma City Thunder

Wow, who in Oklahoma City pissed off Associated Press sports writer Jon Krawczynski?

In a Feb. 12 column in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Kraw-daddy starts out sane enough. He is worried that if the Minnesota Vikings don't resolve their stadium situation, the team may head elsewhere (hmmm "¦ that reminds us of another situation). OKC must have peed in his porridge or something because, before you know it, he turns his attention to our fair city. Except, those weren't the exact words he used. Try "dust-bowl hometown in the middle of nowhere." Ouch.

Krawczynski bashes the Thunder's choice of uniform color and complains about the team nickname, saying it's "chintzy." Wait, chintzy? And what, exactly, would you call the Vikings? Or any other team name, for that matter. This is basketball, after all, not the International Criminal Court. The whole Thunder operation, he says, "screams minor league baseball."

But here's the best part. Krawczynski asks if there's a fence surrounding the Ford Center with knotholes so the poor Okies can peek through to see them thar' games.

"It would be funny if it wasn't so depressing," he laments.

Well, shucks, we were thinking it would be funny if it wasn't so bitter. Ah, but Krawczynski doesn't stop there. Oh, no. He also asks if the game basketball is escorted onto the court for opening tip by a pig and if fans get coupons for a Pizza Ranch buffet.

We think somebody needed to be hugged more as a child. But, what do we know? We're all just jostling for prime knothole position.

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