“I would personally find it really romantic to grab a big pizza, a couple bottles of wine, and hang out in a hotel room with a big fireplace and just talk and laugh.”

Got it, guys? Alcohol and cheese might lead to that other thing.

And speaking of that other thing, we think we found Munn’s favorite word from some of her recent Twitter posts. Can you spot it?

• “Dear Insomnia, Please go away. Have to be on set in 3 hours & Im very tired. If u wouldnt mind fucking off, Id really appreciate it.”
• “I fuckin love Family Feud.”
• “Sorry- I know Twitter isnt 4 bitching, but Im sitting nxt 2 the dumbest fuckin girl who keeps insisting she looks like Giselle. She doesnt”

That’s right, Chicken-Fried News readers: It’s “I.”

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