Muskogee elects Oklahoma teen as mayor

Either things have been running so smoothly that Muskogee's residents didn't care, or things couldn't get any worse and they decided "what the hell."

History was made during last week's election in Muskogee as a 19-year-old University of Oklahoma freshman became mayor of the town. John Tyler Hammons will spend his time combing through city budgets and zoning ordinances, if he's not trying to find a date to get into an upcoming sorority party. Chicken-Fried News wants to ask the city manager if the general revenue fund can be used for kegs.

Hammons beat out Hershel McBride, who was practically retired before Hammons was even born. McBride, who formerly served as one of Muskogee's mayors, is 70 years old, according to reports. Talk about out with the old and in with the new.

Hammons takes over a town with nearly 40,000 residents and now has control of a $27 million budget. That might just cover next year's tuition increase at OU. The new job may also help Hammons with his studies as a political science major.

There should be some pretty cool opportunities for a 19-year-old mayor. Hammons told reporters he will still have to find a regular job. Mayor McCheese might no longer be the only town ruler working at McDonald's.

Finally, we at CFN think it would be a sad day in American politics if being mayor had no effect on getting dates.

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