New Route 66 landmark combines cutting-edge design with soda

Landmarks must be unmistakable, and with a 66-foot, lighted, steel soda bottle out front, the new Pops gas station/restaurant is a can't-miss addition to Route 66.

Located in Arcadia, just six miles east of Edmond at 660 W. Highway 66, Pops is a streamlined building possessing a Sixties "Jetsons" sensibility, simultaneously futuristic and retro.

Pops' own Web site refers to the 4-ton bottle as "like a rocket shop from another realm." The angular building is cast in a red rock base native to Oklahoma and flanked by unsupported canopy cantilevers that rise to 100 feet.

Inside, the star of the show is the incredible selection of carbonated beverages: around 450 varieties chilling in the cooler, with even more lining the walls.

"We've brought something new to Route 66, to show the road is still alive. Obviously, this structure is incredible and the technology used to create it is something people haven't seen before," said general manager Marty Doepke. "The pop bottle out front is the initial draw. When it's lit up at night, it's like a beacon drawing people in." "Charles Martin

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