When will the state of Oklahoma decide to do
itself a service and stop electing the kinds of folks who cause young
people to flee the state as soon as they are able to do so? Each May,
you hear this great whooshing sound of all the bright graduates racing
out of the state to make their way in a world that is more welcoming,
advanced and equality-minded and has things to do other than sports.

And I daresay moving up from 47th to 43rd in the physical health of its population isn’t anything to brag about.

the governor has forgotten the number of states there are in the U.S.
Being 43rd means Oklahoma is merely seven points from the bottom in
terms of the health of its citizens. Guess she forgot there are 50
states and Washington, D.C., plus the protectorate of Puerto Rico.

can’t the citizenry of Oklahoma comprehend the simple concept, “If you
want to change your life, change your thinking?” Young people grasp this
concept and run with it, literally.

—Dr. Terri L. Miller-Simms, Oklahoma City

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