Nixons vet launches new band in 4 Points West

For the last few years, the pieces for Oklahoma City band 4 Points West have been coming together slowly, and that's just fine with guitarist and organizer Jesse Davis.

It's been about five years since the demise of Davis' previous band, Huver, whose lineup, including Davis, counted three former members of Nineties pop-grunge band The Nixons.

He has spent the last year recording with 4 Points West in a warehouse on Classen Boulevard.
The band's first record, "Insomnia Suite," is 10-song mix of roots rock and jam psychedelia that only could be made by a group of traveled and seasoned musicians who are recording songs just for the love of it.

Hesitant to call it a "CD release show," Davis said the band will emerge from the studio to play a "kickoff show" Saturday at VZD's.

Despite Davis' obvious industry connections, the band isn't planning on jumping on record deals or chasing down radio airplay. Encouraged by bands like Wilco and Centro-matic, Davis doesn't see any reason they can't make music, sell records and tour on their own terms.

"I've done the industry thing. Your fans end up being 15-year-olds ... but I'm just at a different point in my life now. I guess I grew up," he said. "Joe Wertz

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