So, here are the celebratory facts, according to an article last week on on a CalorieLab study. Since 1995, Oklahoma’s obesity rate has gained a whopping 18 percentage points, moving up the scale from 13 percent obesity to 31 percent obesity. That puts us at No. 7 in the nation for fatties. And if you throw in the overweight, that tips the scales even more, as two-thirds of the state’s population is either overweight or obese.

But, there is still work to be done and calories to be consumed. Our southern brethren (like Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana) are all still wearing bigger pant sizes (in fact, Mississippi is No. 1 with 34.4 percent obese — that’s a whole lot of airplane seat belt extenders).

It is up to all of us to not let this stand. (Although, we’re probably all sitting, amiright?) One way to finally achieve our goal of No. 1 is to chomp down on Denny’s new Midwestern Meat & Potatoes sandwich: a dripping mess of french fries, prime rib, brown gravy and melted cheese on a Cheddar bun. This glorious monstrosity is a featured on the restaurant’s Tour of America menu, and weighs in at 1,025 calories.

We’ll take two, please!

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