Norman to vote on curbside recycling

Voters in Norman will cast ballots on curbside recycling on May 8. If approved, Norman would become one of just a handful of cities in Oklahoma to offer such a program.
Oklahoma City and Edmond have conducted curbside recycling for nearly 10 years.

The ballot measure will ask voters if urban residents of Norman will pay an extra $3 a month on their water and trash bill to have recycled items picked up once a week. Residents who fall under low-income status would pay $2.40 a month.

"We're not going to the far east or rural areas of Norman," said Ken Komiske, director of Norman's Utility Department. "We just can't afford to do it because of the transportation costs."

Norman residents in the urbanized areas, who have a green "polycart" for normal trash service, would receive another polycart of a different color for the recycling service and put it out on the same day the trash polycart gets picked up.

"That was one of the concerns," Komiske said. "Residents didn't want carts left out several days a week."

At its Feb. 27 meeting, the city council voted 7-1 to put the proposal before voters. Council member Richard Stawicki was the lone "no" vote. His opposition, as well as that of residents who spoke at the meeting, concerned the requirement of paying the extra $3 a month. They said the service should be voluntary, not mandatory. "Scott Cooper

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