OKC-area parents have chance to glimpse teens at 'Reality Parties'

This just in: Teens like to sneak Natty Lights when they can. No! The horror! And here we were believing little Suzy really was creating macramé projects with Linda and Betty and then maybe going to the roller rink.

But according to an article from NewsOK.com, they're doing a lot more than that. And parents across the metro got a glimpse into the sordid lives of teens at "Reality Parties" hosted in living rooms featuring actors.

Like Peeping Moms, the adults were able to watch and listen as the actors staged different "scenes" from what they believe is a typical party: drinking beer, using some sort of contraption called a "beer bong," stealing from local grocery stores, engaging in some bisexual loving and implying an eventual rape by an Internet predator (still not sure on the mechanics of that one).

 "A lot of this information, the students know," said Hiawatha Bouldin, a prevention specialist at Eagle Ridge Institute, a metro prevention and resource center. "The problem is, our parents, either they don't know or they don't want to know."

We have to raise the obvious question: What parents don't know what happens at a party? Unless they're Amish, most of these parents were sneaking beer and smoking weed themselves just a few decades ago. It's not like the parties today involve hobo-baiting and kitten-killing. And we'd contend that the parties the parents went to in the day were worse. Most of them reached their party peak in the 1980s, when crimes against hair and fashion were rampant.

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