OKC native Wes Welker worth cheering for in Super Bowl

Local football fans have good reason to take even more interest in Super Bowl XLII: Wes Welker.

When the New England Patriots and the New York Giants clash on Sunday, Welker will be one of the reasons the Patriots are favored. The Oklahoma City native set a franchise record by hauling in 112 passes during the 2007 regular season.

The former Heritage Hall High School standout may be one of the smallest players on the field, but his impact on the Patriots' success has been huge, giving hope to underdogs everywhere.

More than anything else, Welker is fun to watch as he weaves his way in and out of opposing defensive coverages and almost always finds an open spot where QB Tom Brady can deliver him the ball.

But that is as far as my allegiance for the Patriots goes. I'm still having a tough time getting by the fact New England coach Bill Belichick and his staff were caught cheating earlier this season.

It's true! Belichick was fined the NFL maximum $500,000 back in September for having members of his staff use video cameras to peek at opposing teams' signals. To me, that gives the team a black eye and brings in to question his credibility and character.

Afterward, Belichick offered up a half-hearted apology, but basically admitted to no wrongdoing. That attitude is the perfect example of what is wrong with today's sporting world and why pro athletes (and coaches) are all-too-often poor role models. "Jay C. Upchurch

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