Oklahoma bail bondsman uses taser on military man

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of jail.

Ask Robert Hanks, 26, a military security officer at Tinker Air Force Base. According to recent reports, when a Midwest City bondsman bailed him out of jail, she "Tased" him when they started arguing outside the slammer.

According to a story in The Oklahoman, Hanks had been jailed for traffic violations, drug possession and some outstanding warrants from Oklahoma County, and had arranged his bond through Freedom Bail Bonds, and bond agent Carol Franklin.

The story states that as Franklin was escorting Hanks out of the clink, a disagreement allegedly arose concerning Hanks' address. He said he'd returned recently from deployment, was staying with a friend and couldn't remember the address, according to that story. The Oke reported that Hanks allegedly became combative with Franklin when she said she was returning him to jail, and that she zapped him with a Taser.

However, the plot thickens in a story shown on KFOR-TV Channel 4. In an interview, Hanks alleged Franklin became abusive and used racially provocative language.

 "She said, 'Mr. Hanks, make sure that your black butt gets to see me every Monday or I'm going to have you in jail where you are supposed to be,'" Hanks told KFOR. "When she was starting to get combative with me, I was, like, 'Did we miss something here or anything?' And then I got Tased."

The KFOR team then confronted Franklin in her Midwest City office, where she gave her side of the story.

"This is ridiculous," Franklin told the cameras. "He said, 'Touch me again and I'll kick your ass, bitch.' That's at the point where I turned around once again and said, 'Go back into the jail. Get yourself a new bondsman.'"

And "¦ then she Tased him? Well, the KFOR story just mentioned Franklin said she felt threatened.

However, in The Oklahoman, Franklin said, "I warned him before I did it."

Maybe that made it feel better. That story claims she Tased him twice at that point.

Oh, there's a lot more to it " the jail refused to take Hanks back without a visit to the hospital, and then he claimed another bondsman yanked the Taser probes out, and he was then put back in jail, and on and on "¦

For now, both have had to post bail, according to The Oklahoman. Franklin is required to post $675 bail on a municipal assault charge, and she plans to request a jury trial, the story said. Hanks' bail was set at $4,000 from all his infractions, according to the report.

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