Oklahoma boasts more ousted governors than Illinois

If you're anything like us here at Chicken-Fried News, you've been fascinated these last few weeks the magical hair forest growing atop Rod Blagojevich's head. Seriously, what sort of maintenance does that luscious, buoyant beauty require? But, we digress.

The ousted and disgraced former governor of Illinois, who was recorded allegedly trying to sell Pres. Obama's Senate seat, took to the national airwaves in a character campaign before being impeached, comparing his plight to Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi (look, Ma, spelled right!). Blago got us thinking about other ousted and disgraced former governors, but none of us here are particularly adept at that whole research thing. The Associated Press, however, saved our brains by running a handy list of other govs impeached in the U.S. and, wouldn't you know, two Okies made that list.

According to the AP story, a wide range of things can get you impeached as a governor. Take North Carolina's Williams W. Holden, for example, who suspended the right of habeas corpus for Ku Klux Klan leaders accused of inciting violence (hey, suspending habeas corpus, that sounds familiar). Or, there's David Butler of Nebraska, who got the boot for misappropriating school funds. But, everyone later kissed and made up, because Butler was re-elected to the state's highest position just 17 years later.

Then we get to Oklahoma. John C. Walton was ousted in 1923 after he ordered the National Guard to break up a grand jury investigation (who were they investing, you ask? Take a guess). Walton declared martial law, too. Just six years later, Henry S. Johnston followed in Walton's footsteps by also ordering the National Guard to stop an investigation. This time, they were told to surround the Capitol to prevent the Legislature from assembling and starting said investigation.

A quick search of Wikipedia (the lazy man's Encyclopedia Britannica) told us that Blago makes No. 12 of impeached governors. Only Oklahoma and Louisiana have more than one governor ousted from office. Peculiarly, Kansas' governor, secretary of state and auditor were all impeached on the same day in 1862, but the miraculous appearance of donuts in the CFN offices brought that line of investigation to a screeching, jelly-filled halt.

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