Oklahoma Centennial clock unveiled

On a dreary, overcast evening Tuesday, the corner of N.W. 36th Street and Shartel Avenue got a little prettier as a Centennial Street clock was unveiled.

The clock is a replica of the kind that used to grace the streets of cities and towns 100 years ago at Oklahoma's statehood.

The Shartel and 36th clock project began this spring. After the clock was installed, it was covered until its unveiling on April 17.

Each clock in the Oklahoma Centennial Street Clock Project is virtually maintenance-free and modernly vintage. Although they have illuminated faces, daylight savings and power savings failure correction and a chime system, the clocks still maintain that old-time look.

Many of the clocks have already been installed around Oklahoma. Number 48 out of 100, the clock on Shartel and 36th will be a constant reminder of Oklahoma's past while depicting Oklahoma's present and always counting the seconds into the future. "Krista Nightengale

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