Oklahoma City motivational speaker faces prostitution charges

Motivation is a funny thing. There are those who lack motivation and never get up from the couch to, say, mow the lawn. Then there are others who are motivated to pay money for more than just weed whackin'.

Oklahoma City police said a Nichols Hills motivational speaker, Gary Good, was arrested recently for allegedly offering to engage in an act of prostitution, according to The Oklahoman.

According to the story, Good, 59, was arrested after he allegedly offered $100 for sex to a female undercover Oklahoma City police officer after she went to his home, the story states.

Seems that Good was caught up in a sting operation run by the OKCPD posted on craigslist.org, a Web site for buying, selling and picking up dates, among other things. Good was one of four caught up in the sting, according to The Oke.

Vice officers set up an ad on craigslist.org offering sex in exchange for money and agreeing to meet at a motel on Northwest Expressway. Police Capt. Steve McCool said in the story that one of the men rented a room. Police nabbed him and used the room to lure a second guy, then they arrested him, too.

Good, according to the story, didn't roll that way. Good allegedly refused to travel to the chosen hotel, instead asking the undercover officers to his home. Now, that would be motivation!

And why shouldn't they be the ones to come to him? The dude is the head of the Gary Good Entertainment and Speakers Bureau, which hosts and books speaking events for many stellar celebrities. According to the Web site, Good helps handle such celebrities as "ThighMaster" spokeswoman Suzanne Somers, Art Linkletter and Dave Anderson.

According to the story, Good was released from jail following his arrest.

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