Oklahoma City with Obama opinion creates attention

Hal "Chip" Harrison isn't necessarily questioning Obama's birth certificate, but the 53-year-old Oklahoma City construction worker wanted to let everyone know what he thought about babies "¦ well, the unborn ones, at least.

There was no time to waste. Harrison put the sign ("Abort Obama, not the unborn") in his truck window and set about his business.

That is, of course, until an Oklahoma City police officer pulled him over, confiscated the sign and called in the big guns, according to a story from The Associated Press.

"I thought, "This is something from Nazi Germany, not Oklahoma,'" said Harrison about the whole ordeal.

The police officer, who read the sign as a threat against the president " not a threat against women everywhere who make a choice regarding their own bodies " took the sign from Harrison and notified the local arm of the Secret Service.

Agents interviewed Harrison over the phone and paid a visit to his abode, but ended up determining he wasn't a threat.

"He was a little agitated that the Oklahoma City Police Department took his sign, but he understood we have an obligation to check these things out," said Adrian Andrews, the special agent in charge of OKC's Secret Service field office.

But, said Andrews, "there are better ways to make a political statement than to say 'Abort Obama.' That's going to get our attention every time."

Harrison has his sign back, and said he gets the thumbs-up signal every day from passing motorists. Are OKC residents giving Chip the thumb or another digit?

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