Oklahoma jail official allegedly commits crime in Okfuskee cell

According to a recent story in The Oklahoman, a female jailer just got nabbed for doin' the "wild thing" with an inmate in her custody.


The story states that a 20-year-old former Okfuskee County jailer, Billie Lee Pelley, faces a "forcible sodomy" charge after the county jail's in-house security cam caught her performing oral sex on Bobby Mann, 37, an inmate awaiting trail on a felony bomb-threat charge.


According to an affidavit filed in Okfuskee (love that name!) County Court, Pelley said she entered cell number 10, where Mann was being held, on New Year's Eve.


Pelley allegedly entered Mann's cell and their lips met, according to the affidavit. She said she "performed oral sex on (him)."


According to the affidavit, something then suddenly occurred to Pelley: It states that she "stopped after thinking about what she was doing."


Oh, great! Now she thinks? At this point, a dispatcher, Andrea Million, came in and confronted the two. But it was too late. The charge: forcible oral sodomy, according to Okfuskee County Assistant District Attorney Mike Loeffler. Loeffler said the charge is because an inmate cannot legally consent to his or her jailer.


"In that sense, it's not quite as bad as it sounds," he said.


Oh, yeah? Think of what it does to young people. Why, just now, we at Chicken-Fried News found this note from our intern, Bucky. He states that he's committed a terrible crime in Okfuskee County and must turn himself in and be jailed. No, he said, don't worry about bail.


However, Bucky doesn't realize that Pelley is no longer a jailer there. But we are going to let this one play itself out. Object lesson.

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