Oklahoma music legend plans Las Vegas act

The large cowboy hat, the headphone mic and hardy deep holler are all back. But this time, it will come with more glittering lights.

The biggest solo-recorded music seller of all time " and Oklahoma's very own " Garth Brooks announced last week he has had enough of sitting in his living room near Owasso and is ready to head back to the stage. The return will not come in the form of a big promotional tour or even targeted concerts around the world. Nope, the best friend of low places will strap on the guitar and yell for the folks in the place where people go to spend money: Las Vegas.

Brooks will appear for a series of shows at the Encore Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas starting in December. The city of Frank, Elvis and Wayne is now Garth's place.

Was it that long ago that, after nearly a decade of chart-topping crossover hits, two host appearances on "Saturday Night Live," a huge outdoor concert at the famous Central Park in New York City and rebranding country music, Oklahoma's biggest gift to music hung up the microphone? It was the year 2000, to be exact.

Oh, sure, there was an occasional blip for a concert, a benefit performance or just wanting to get out of the house. He made a grand entrance for the state's 100-year celebration, but kept the songs in the closet.

It seems fitting Brooks should re-emerge in Vegas. The man he surpassed to become the No. 1 solo record seller ever made a similar move in the 1970s.

Let's just hope Garth doesn't wear Elvis' same white suit.

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