Oklahoma ranks as 43rd happiest state

Oklahomans like to think of themselves as some of the most blessed people on Earth. But according to one survey, the Sooner State doesn't even rank in the top five for happiness.

A recent study conducted by Gallup looked at several factors to determine a states' cheeriness. In the final analysis, Oklahoma failed to get a happy score.

The survey examined states' eating and exercise habits, work environment and access to basic necessities. The states that did make the top five had one thing in common: People like to visit them. The top five were Utah, Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado and Minnesota.

Oklahoma, sorry to say, came in the bottom 10 at spot No. 43.

So what caused this saggy, less-than-blissful feeling? The study measured a state population's health, access to health care and emotional health, among other things " categories most Oklahomans have problems with.

But, consider what this state has gone through the past few months. After overwhelmingly betting on the wrong horse in the presidential election, every corner of Oklahoma must have some bitterness toward the new administration. Then, just two months after Obama's election, the Sooner football team lost the national championship to the University of Florida. So, as you can see, the mood is heading south. Then came reports that Oklahoma ranks near, or at, the bottom in weight problems, smoking, lack of health insurance, and on and on "¦ and on.

When the Legislature convened in February, they faced a budget about as healthy as an asthmatic with a pet cockroach smoking in a bed of mold.

At least we're not West Virginia. That state ranked last in happiness.

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