Oklahoma Spring Game features psychedelic grass

The ESPN commentators estimated more than 40,000 Sooner football fans showed up to watch the team play the Spring Game at Owen Field. With the out-of-season cold snap, fans were wearing the same winter-weather gear as the team's Big XII Conference Championship game. (That was the last game of the season, right?)

The biggest development of the game had to be the groundscrew's new mowing strategy. Apparently using diagonal patterns with the mowers, the field featured alternating diamonds from goal line to goal line. If the pattern continues into the fall, I might have to switch radio to catch the games; too psychedelic for me.

Spring games are never very exciting for the average fan. ESPN's broadcast team did the best they could to build excitement: Bob Stoops wearing a microphone and being interviewed during the game, a sideline interview with Sooner sweetheart women's basketball coach Sherri Coale and lots of crowd shots. They discussed the race for starting quarterback, and former Notre Dame coach Bob Davie indicated his preference for Putnam North grad Sam Bradford. The broadcast also featured the running backs vying for Adrian Peterson's spot: DeMarco Murray, Chris Brown and Jacob Gutierrez.

At least it was warm from where I watched in my living room!

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