Oklahoma's Baptist newsletter apparently enhances documents

What would He do? Probably not this.

The July 16 edition of the Baptist Messenger, the official newsletter of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, featured a photo of Holy Warrior and State Rep. Sally Kern's "Oklahoma Citizen's Proclamation for Morality." However, this one had a little addition.

Unlike the one actually signed at the Capitol on July 2, the Messenger's version bore the signatures of Gov. Brad Henry and Secretary of State Susan Savage. According to a story on KWTV-News 9, a spokesperson for the Messenger apologized for the mistake. Indeed, the Secretary Savage's office agreed to take them at their word. A mistake "¦ right.

Sally Kern told The Oklahoman that the graphic designer may have been trying to pretty it up. Yes, affixing an executive seal and a fake endorsement is the epitome of prettying things up.

Some people get jail time for forgery. Surely, however, the governor can overlook a mistake. After all, everyone knows how easy it is to take two photos, open them in Photoshop, crop the bottom of an old one with the governor's actual signature, merge it into the new one, and then publish it. A simple mistake, that.

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